Which is the Best Peanut Butter in India?

For the longest time peanut butter was regarded as a Western food seen only on TV and served in 5-star hotels during breakfast. However, data amassed over the past 4 years indicates that the demand for the best peanut butter in India is growing rapidly. It has more than doubled since August of 2015. Choosing best peanut butter for yourself needs a little bit of thought put into it. This is because there are a number of flavors, textures, nutrient content, sizes, and price ranges you need to consider.

 the best peanut butter in India

If you are a gym-goer looking to add peanut butter as a source of fat and protein, then this article is perfect for you. It’s no secret that peanut butter is a tasty and filling way to hit your macros in a day, plus it can be had atop a variety of foods. From carrots to whole wheat bread and in shakes to keto brownies you can toss in lumpsum portions of the best peanut butter in India. High-protein peanut butter is a great way to ensure you get the best of both world’s, fats and protein.

Even if you’re not looking to build muscle or track your macros, knowing your peanut butter helps you choose one that is ideal for your family and yourself. You can buy peanut butter with a smooth texture or the crunchy one that has peanut pieces in it. You can buy ones without sugars and vegetable oil or with, such as chocolate-flavored peanut butter. Further, the number of family members consuming peanut butter will influence the size of the container you purchase. You can get smaller 250g boxes all the way up to 2.5kg boxes.

To make it simpler, here is a list of the best peanut butter in India along with a complete breakdown of their nutritional content. The values are given per serving of peanut butter.

Peanut butter brandCarbProteinFatsCaloriesCost/ serv
MuscleBlaze- crunchy7g12g15g1319.98
Flex protein-crunchy8g10g12g19013.7
Pintola all natural crunchy6g10g16g20414
American Garden chunky8g7g15g18021.8
Alpino all natural7g10g15g19914
Just nuts-creamy2g11g16g21014.2

This table helps you choose the best peanut butter in India. Personally, I recommend buying a smaller box initially to see if your tastebuds agree with your choice. Thereafter, you can choose a larger box and get the best value. Peanut butter has a shelflife of anywhere between 6-12 months. So storing it is never an issue, just ensure your spoon is dry to avoid moisture from creeping in.

To further simplify your purchase here are a few categories.

  1. Highest Protein
    If you’re all about that protein content then ‘Just Nuts’ offers the highest protein content from the list above. With a whopping 11g per serving. The high caloric value also makes it ideal for anyone looking to pack on a few pounds. Add a serving with some banana, full-fat milk, protein powder, and some oats easily cross 800 calories in a shake.
  2. Lowest Calories
    MuscleBlaze peanut butter is the way to go if you’re looking to cut down on your caloric intake. You save more than 60 calories on an average per serving when compared with other peanut butter brands. It makes for a great snack with carrot sticks or across a slice of whole wheat bread.
  3. Lowest Sugars/Carbs
    There are multiple brands that will offer you all-natural peanut butter without any added sugars. ‘Just Nuts’ again offers you just 2g of carbs per serving and has no added sugar.
  4. Best Organic
    If you’re looking for products with the lowest number of additives then Alpino and Pintola are options that should be at the forefront of your list. Whatsmore, they both contain 10g of protein and a similar fat content making them wholesome. Here your decision really comes down to the preference of your palette.
  5. Price/ Rupee
    When it comes to cost MuscleBlaze protein proves to be the most economical option. The only peanut butter that offers you 12g of protein under Rs.10 per serving.
 the best peanut butter in India

Further, peanut butter is filled with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which keep the bad cholesterol levels low and good cholesterol level high. This holds true assuming you are consuming pure peanut butter without additives. If health is your primary concern then ensure you do not consume peanut butter that contains added sugars. The best peanut butter in India not only tastes great but helps you reach your fitness and health targets with its rich healthy fat content.

Peanut butter is a great food to include in your diet if you have a sweet tooth. Enjoy a spoonful after a meal without chomping down on chocolate and feeling guilty afterward. This goes a long way in creating a sustainable eating plan. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy peanut butter in a brownie or classic PB & J sandwich, every once in awhile give yourself the freedom to indulge. Just remember to hold yourself accountable.

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