Top 6 Best Protein Bars in India

Looking for the best protein bars in India? Now that’s a tough one, or is it? It is common knowledge that protein is an important macronutrient for your body. It should be included in every meal of the day and rightfully so-it leaves you feeling fuller for longer. Whether you’re a calorie-conscious or are simply looking for a nutritious snack then, one of the top 6 best protein bars in India should be your first choice.

That being said, not all protein bars are created equally. They come with various ingredients and amounts. It is important to pay attention to the label, in doing so you can save yourself the catastrophe of eating a ‘sugar’ bar camouflaged as a protein bar. Eliminating unnecessary sugars goes a long way in maintaining a healthy weight.

All it takes is a few short seconds to read the label and you’ll know if you need to put it down. If you struggle reading the fine print or are simply downright lazy, then this article is your one-stop to finding the top 6 best protein bars in India.

Before we dive into the brands, flavors, and protein content (I know that’s the fun part) there are some key aspects you need to pay attention to.

Identify your needs

. Meal replacement

If you are traveling or know you’re going to be on the road for a while then it’s important to carry food with you. Food may spoil if you are making an overnight journey and there’s no guarantee stops along the way will have a wholesome meal. In such cases, meal replacement protein bars are an option. Check for one that has a good balance between macronutrients.

. Sugar craving

If you’re cutting or have eliminated sugars from your diet, it’s natural to experience sugar cravings. Protein bars are a great way to satiate your sweet tooth, avoid the extra calories, and get a generous amount of protein. Just be careful of the number of sugars present. You can find options that have no sugars or those that contain very little sucrose (the bad kind of sugar).

. Hitting your macros

For the more-than-average gym bro, who takes lifting seriously, maintaining your diet is important. Protein bars can help you meet your protein goal for the day in case you are falling short, especially for those with smaller appetites. Protein bars do contain fats and it’s important to select one without and trans-fat.

Pay attention to price

Protein bars aren’t cheap! Well, not the ones of supreme quality anyway. A protein bar costs about as much as a scoop of whey protein if you break down the price. This is true mostly in cases where the grams of protein is equal in both. So, if you are buying a protein bar at half the price of whey- you need to ask some questions. That, being said be watchful about ‘all-natural’ protein bars that demand a premium price for their ingredients but rank low in terms of protein content.

Decide the quantity you require

Knowing how much you require can help you save on your purchase. If you are stocking up for a couple of weeks or know you’ll be heading out of town then a box of 6 or 12 may be ideal. You can get great discounts if you order them online and without worrying about not getting your favorite flavors.

Check the carb-protein ratio

The carb to protein ratio determines the macronutrient distribution range. While it changes for individuals based on body types namely, endomorphs, ectomorphs, and mesomorphs, there is a guideline. For most protein bars, on the higher end a 2:1 ratio is acceptable. If possible and feasible you can search for a bar with a 1:1 ratio. It may not be exact but its as good as it can get. This means for every gram of carbohydrate you consume you get the same amount of protein.

Discard ones with unwanted ingredients

. Sugars

It is common to find a bar with far more carbohydrates and sugars and far less protein per 100g. This is not a good sign if you are buying a protein bar for its nutritional value, instead grab a Twix or KitKat, they’re cheaper too.

. Allergens

Some people are allergic to nuts, lactose, soy, and other ingredients. Pay close attention to the content before picking up a bar. Most protein bars even if they don’t contain food you are allergic are made in factories processing the same. If you are extremely allergic best stay away. Also, try and stay away from bars with a lot of corn starch.

. Trans-fat

These are the absolute no-no’s when it comes to fats. Trans-fats are usually found in processed foods, comprise hydrogenated oil, and provide no nutritional value. Their sole purpose is to provide shelflife. Aim to consume more unsaturated fats such as the ones found in coconuts, fish, olives, avocados, and vegetable oils.

View the fiber content

A fiber-rich diet has many benefits such as maintains good bowel health, lowers cholesterol levels, helps control blood sugar levels, and most importantly keeps you full for longer. When on a weight loss or fat loss program eating fiber heavy foods can leave you feeling satiated. Helping you avoid any unnecessary snacking. So when grabbing a protein bar try and find one that has at least 3 grams of fiber.

Once you have these pointers down making a choice is simple. To make things easier here is a list of the top 6 best protein bars in India.

CaliBar Protein

Calibar protein bar as one of the top 6 protein bars in India

Protein content: The bar gives you a total of 20.1g protein made from whey protein concentrate. This can help you reach your daily protein requirement with great ease.
Carbohydrate content: You receive roughly 35g of carbs from this CaliBar product. This is great for someone who needs a burst of energy throughout their day.
Flavors: Calibar offers you a number of mouth-watering flavors to choose from. Those looking to maximize protein can choose between lemon peel, healthy nutty surprise, almond choco crisp, and crispy banana. The calorie-conscious segment can choose from beery almond crisp, crispy coffee, and orange peel.
Fiber: The bar contains 6 grams of fiber, which is the equivalent to the fiber you would get consuming 2 1/2 apples.
Fats: The bar sports 5g of saturated fat and has a total fat content of 7g. Although there is no trans-fat.

Ideal for: The bar is ideal for anyone not too worried about their carb intake. It is also a great quick bite before you head out to the gym. The carbs help you push through your workout and the fiber content keeps you feeling full.

RiteBite Max Protein Bar

MAx protein bar as one of the top 6 protein bars in India

Protein content: The electrolyte-rich bar offers 20g of protein per serving that is equal to 3 servings of dal.
Carbohydrate content:
The ratio changes based on the flavor but on an average you get 31g of carbohydrates. It contains sugar up to 4g. A tasty bite that gives you a burst of energy.
Flavors: The company has 3 flavors to choose from in its daily segment which are choco almond bar, choco berry bar, and choco classic. There is also a meal replacement segment that is higher in calories. The flavors are green tea orange, honey lemon, choco slim, and green coffee beans.
Fiber: The RiteBite product contains 5g of dietary fiber.
The bar ranks slightly high in terms of fat with nearly 10g of total fat. Only 4g come from saturated fat sources.

Ideal for: The bar is ideal for those who are not worried about calories or do not mind putting on a little weight. The bar ranks higher in terms of density than most and offers a variety of flavors for those who have a sweet tooth.

HYP Sugar-free Bars

HYP bar as one of the top 6 protein bars in India

Protein content: The bar offers you 10g of protein and has only 160 calories per serving.
Carbohydrate content: This HYP product gives you 20g of carbohydrates per serving. This makes the bar ideal if you are feeling low on energy.
Flavors: With 0 grams of sugar and tantalizing flavors HYP earns its spot on the list of top 6 best protein bars in India. You can choose between oats brownie, espresso, berry burst, and coconut almond. Whatsmore, you can buy all these flavors in a single variety pack.
Fiber: The bar contains 5.2 g of fiber that leads to increased fullness.
Fats: The bar contains no trans fat but has 2.1g of saturated fat. The bar, however, does contain a total of 6g of total fat.

Ideal for: This bar is ideal for anyone on a calorie-restricted diet. Due to the 2:1 ratio this should not be used as a protein source. Rather, the bar can be used as an additional way to fill up your carbs in a tasty manner.

Yoga Protein Bar

Yoga bar as one of the top 6 protein bars in India

Protein content: You get 20g of protein in a 60 gram serving per yoga bar. The bar (cranberry blast flavor) contains 258 calories.
Carbohydrate content:
The bar has only 18.5 g carbohydrates that make it rather appealing. However, from this only 10.5g come from dietary fiber and 5g come from sugars.
Flavors: There are a plethora of flavors to choose from such as almond fudge, cranberry blast, chocolate brownie, chocolate cranberry, hazelnut toffee, and more.
Fiber: You get 10g of fiber in each bar that is both prebiotic and dietary.
Fats: There is 300mg of Omega 3s that add to the healthy fat content of the bar. Although, the total fat content in the bar towers at 14.1g.

Ideal for: The bar is ideal for someone struggling to reach their macro target or put on weight. The high fat and sugar amounts may not make it ideal for someone losing weight. The bar can be used as a high-calorie snack in a certain situation based on your appetite.

MuscleBlaze Protein Bar

top 6 protein bar in India-muscleblaze

Protein content: MuscleBlaze bars come with 22g of protein per bar that weighs 72g. The bar contains 253 calories that make it a decent-sized snack.
Carbohydrate content:
The bar contains 29g of carbs that main a close ratio.
You can choose from choco delight, almond fudge, and cranberry chocolate according to your preference.
From this bar, you get approximately 7g of fiber.
Fats: The also has 7g of fat. The majority of these fats come from saturated fatty acids. Further, the bar is free of trans fatty acids.

Ideal for: The bar is ideal for anyone looking to meet their protein intake. 253 calories make the bar handy to have around to satiate your sweet tooth and not go overboard on carbs or sugars. In some instances, you can consume two bars as a meal replacement.

TREKK Protein Bar

top 6 protein bar in India-Trekk

Protein content: The bar offers you 23g of protein packing in 240 calories per serving. Each serving comprises a single bar of 65g.
Carbohydrate content: This TREKK product gives you 26.2g of carbohydrates that fuels your body. Handy to have if you’re adventuring outdoors, getting ready to work out, or simply need the energy to get through your day.
Flavors: The bar comes with 11g of sugar which may impact its preference on the top 6 best protein bars in India list. You can choose between flavors of double chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, and roasted coffee. Whatsmore, you can buy all these flavors in a single variety pack.
Fiber: The bar contains a whopping 7.3g of fiber that keeps you full for a good 3-4 hours.
Fats: The bar contains no trans fat but has only 1g of saturated fat. The bar boasts housing only 4.4g of total fat.

Ideal for: The bar is of great value for anyone who loves sweets. The protein available is generous and the carbs are not too high. The sugar levels make it less than ideal for someone on a weightloss plan. Sportspersons can improve their performance with the help of this bar as it is one of the top 6 best protein bars in India.

Pick the right bar

When it comes to weights, using the curl bar (EZ bar) to bench press is a crime— and when it comes to snacks and hitting your macros, so is picking the wrong protein bar. The last thing you want is a supplement or snack to work against your progress in the gym. With this list, you can grab one of the top 6 best protein bars in India in a flavor that suits both your taste and nutritional needs.

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