Top 10 Best Yoga Learning & Tracking Mobile Apps

Yoga Tracking Learning Mobile Apps

With its roots deeply ingrained into the Indian culture, yoga has become a widespread global practice. The 5,000-year-old Indus Sarasvati civilization practice offers multiple benefits. From those seeking to increase levels of activity, fight chronic pain, tackle ailments such as high blood pressure to those seeking spiritual alignment and self-discovery yoga provides a way. The renowned mystic Sadhguru says that ‘if you are alive, you are a practitioner of yoga’ as yoga is a part of everything that we do.

If you’re looking to learn yoga or expand your existing knowledge there are easier ways than scaling the Himalayan ranges or attending a 7-day workshop. Although I highly recommend taking the plunge for a first-hand experience. Alternatively, you can make use of the top 10 best yoga learning & tracking mobile apps to get started on your journey. You can learn any type of yoga, from Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga to Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga that piques your interest. Simply download an app that is right for you and get started today.

Without any further ado, here are the top 10 best yoga learning & tracking mobile apps available on Android and IoS.

1. Yoga Tools From Sadhguru

  • The app along with Isha Foundation dedicates is content to improving the quality of life around the world. Using the app you can learn upa yoga which improves your health, both mental and physical.
  • Benefits of upa yoga include stabilizing body, mind, and emotions. It enhances vitality, focus, and memory. It can help relieve chronic ailments, enhance teamwork, and impart feels of joy, and more.
  • Sparing even 5 minutes a day can tremendously impact the quality of your life whether is it relief from troublesome back pain or feelings of self-doubt and misery.
  • Find and practice yoga for a number of benefits that include promoting health, success, wellbeing, inner exploration, and more.

2. Yoga-Track Yoga

  • Build the habit of practicing Yoga at your own pace and comfort with Track Yoga.
  • The app contains easy-to-follow classes designed by an experienced team.
  • Practice various forms of yoga such as hatha yoga, pranayama, ashtanga, core yoga, power yoga, and more.
  • Your needs will be met whether they range from losing weight to gaining flexibility or from fighting depression to getting in a great workout.
  • Choose from a number of yoga classes which include but are not limited to cold and flu relief, strength builder, travel yoga, yoga for abs, after work yoga, stress relief, etc.
  • Choose between beginner, intermediate, and advanced poses according to your level of fitness.

3. Lower Back Pain Yoga

  • Tackle back pain that occurs due to heavy physical labor, lifting, or forceful bending and twisting with yoga poses.
  • Strengthening your back muscles helps relieve pain and prevent future discomfort.
  • The app features 11 easy yoga poses that you can complete within 10 minutes to relieve lower back pain.
  • The app comes with easy clear to follow instructions that make performing the exercises simple.

4. Yoga Workout – Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga

  • The app is ideal for newbies who aren’t too familiar with yoga. Practice basic poses, meditations, and asanas.
  • Even basic yoga practice can help you de-stress, improve concentration, unwind, and improve your overall health condition.
  • The app comes with 3D video instructions so you can safely perform the exercises and understand the content.
  • There is no need for equipment so you can practice at your convenience from the comfort of your home.
  • The app enables you to monitor your workouts, weight, BMI and other key indicators that affect your health. It can help you burn belly fat and lose weight.
  • The best part, unlike most apps it is completely free.

5. Daily Yoga

  • A yoga app that proves valuable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Extended benefits for your body, as well as your mind, are achieved through a consistent practice of yoga.
  • Choose from over 500 asanas, 50 yoga classes, 200 guided yoga classes according to your specific needs.
  • Opt for a session that ranges from 7 minutes to 20 minutes so that you never need to miss a workout due to time constraints.
  • Further, the app allows you to indulge in pilates and meditation classes.
  • Another big bonus is the app has a large yoga pose base that suits yogis that are beginners as well as advanced.
  • There are more exciting features that include boot camps, online classes with famous coaches, and other experts.
  • The app is also supported by Google Fit so you can import your other data and sync systems.
  • Whatsmore is that Daily Yoga has received recognition from Healthline, Wall Street Journal, and has even been selected in the top 50 of the mobile industry’s most innovative apps’ by GMIC.

6. Keep Yoga

  • Improve your health with Keep Yoga, choose from more than 400+ asanas, 10+ yoga session plans, and 7 meditation courses.
  • Use the voice guidance, detailed descriptions, and video features to understand each yoga pose, its benefits and how to execute it properly.
  • Relearn how to breathe, improve focus, and train your mind to maximize your capabilities as you learn to meditate. This will help you manage stress, sleep better, and calm your inner voice.
  • The continuous practice of Yoga can help lose weight, build muscle, relax your nervous system, maintain emotional equilibrium, relieve fatigue, and sleep better.

7. Yoga for Weight Loss

  • Includes a detailed guide to Hatha and Kundalini yoga exercises, poses, and asanas.
  • the practice not only helps you lose weight but boosts metabolism helping you keep the weight off. Further, the app has an easy to use interface and instructions that even a child can follow.
  • Perform 10-20 minute workouts on your smartphone that are combined and distributed among 3 programs.
  • Based on your fitness level you can choose from over 50 weight loss exercises with increasing complexity.
  • The app has 80 the most effective and time-tested static and dynamic exercises that target your entire body.
  • It comes with breathing tips and advice to help you get the most out of your workout and has a system of achievements and rewards to keep you motivated.

8. 5 Minute Yoga

  • Every pose features clear images and detailed instructions ensuring all poses are performed correctly – vital for effective practice and to avoid injury.
  • The timer function ensures each pose is performed for the designated amount of time to reap the maximum benefit.
  • A perfect way to start your day without spending too much time. 5 quick short minutes are all you need as the name suggests.
  • Reduce stress, improve flexibility, increase strength, and tone your muscles with this nifty app.

9. Yoga for Beginners-Workouts for the Mind & Body

  • Melt stress and relax with this easy to use app. It provides guidance for the unexperienced yoga practitioner.
  • De-stress your mind and body using handcrafted workouts and audible guidance.
  • An effective way to take charge of your health and fitness, you can workout anywhere with your workout studio in your pocket.
  • Choose from a variety of yoga workouts to boost your mood and attention in the morning or tackle back issues.

10. Yoga Workout by Sunsa

  • Learn all the basic and essential postures with great ease using this simple to follow app.
  • A combination of high-intensity aerobic movements along with strength-based movements allows you to burn fat, slim down, and tone up while practicing yoga.
  • Improve your flexibility, range of motion and balance with the collection of workouts. Also, improve your posture, dissolve tightness in muscles, and keep your spine healthy.
  • Further, you can enjoy the benefits of a quick workout, as short as 5 minutes. Gain a cardio boost to ramp up weight loss.
  • Reduce levels of stress, relax, promote mental and emotional health. along with building self-awareness by religiously practicing yoga.

Using an app from the top 10 best yoga learning & tracking mobile apps is a great way to get started/improve on your fitness journey. The benefits extend far beyond the physical. Mental health is just as important, if not more important, than physical health. In addition to your existing practice consider signing up for a yoga class at your local gym. There is no substitute for a first-hand experience.

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