The 5 Best Protein Supplement for Women in India

If you are a woman looking for the best protein supplement in India, then you need to not search any further. As a woman, not much changes with the approach to nutrition, although a few tips can help you go the extra mile. Unlike most men who are meatheads, women don’t want to flaunt 18-inch biceps (well for the most part anyway). The best protein supplement for women in India helps you fuel your workouts, assists your recovery, and ensures your body builds lean muscle over time.

A good quality protein should not include more than 10 ingredients. An ideal protein has just one ingredient be it whey protein isolate or collagen peptides. The serving size, grams of protein, carbohydrates, BCAAs, glutamine (if any), calories, and fat content deserve your attention. So, let’s take a closer look as to why these factors impact your decision when searching for the best protein supplement for women in India.

  • Serving size and number
    This determines how many scoops a container give you. The average serving size is 30g and a 2.2lb container should give you 30-33 servings. Note, some companies offer smaller serving sizes of 10g each.
  • Protein
    Naturally, you want a supplement that is high in its protein content. The industry average for supplements is around 20g-24g of protein from each serving. Smaller scoop sizes such as 10g may contain up to 8g of protein per serving.
  • Fat
    Ideally, you want a protein that has little-to-no fat content. Some manufacturers will have it as low as 0.4% while others can go up to 5% based on the product.
  • Carbohydrates
    The number of carbohydrates in your protein will dramatically impact the number of calories in it. With a 3:1 ratio your protein functions as a mass gainer. You can also get a 1:1 ratio which is great for meal replacement shakes. Further, you can get protein such as isolate which has virtually no carbs. This enables you to derive the best value and maintain your physique by eating your carbs as food.
  • BCAA’s
    Branch Chain Amino Acids are essential to boost muscle growth and improve exercise performance. These BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Further, they are known to help with weight loss and positively impact post-exercise muscle recovery.
  • Calories
    It is important to choose a protein that has fewer than 150-200 calories per serving. However, if you are planning to use it is a meal replacement (which isn’t advised) then a higher number will do.

Before you run out and buy the first box, take a moment and read about the types of protein available. Not all protein supplements are created equally and they each have a unique feature which may help you reach your fitness goal.

Here are the 5 protein supplement types that women can choose from.

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is made from milk. 80% of the protein in milk is casein protein, the other 20% is whey. The substance goes through a number of processes before it is recognized as the whey protein that we see in the market. Whey can contain anywhere between 60%-90% of protein. It the most common and gives you value for your money.

2. Whey Isolate

Whey isolate contains 95% of protein per 100 grams. This is achieved by further separation of the coagulated product. The result is you get an almost carbohydrate-free protein supplement. However, this does lead to a grainier and slightly bitter taste.

3. Casein

Casein protein is the other 80% of milk protein. It is not a water-soluble protein and so can be difficult to mix. Casein due to its nature is a slow-digesting protein and thus helps keep you fuller for longer. It is great for people who are on a weight loss program and want to avoid snacking.

4. Pea Protein

The ideal choice for people with allergies and those who are vegetarian. Pea protein is high in fiber and contains all essential amino acids. Many pea proteins are also organically grown and are suitable for vegans. Pea protein should be supplemented with a protein source that is high in the amino acid methionine. Even if the pea protein does contain it, the amount is relatively low usually.

5. Mixed Protein

Mixed protein is a great vegetarian protein source for those looking to get all 9 essential amino acids in a healthy quantity. Another plus, they contain high amounts of fiber, they digest slower than animal-based proteins. This means you stay fuller for much longer. However, that also translates to a reduction in the number of amino acids your body can utilize instantly post activity.

From these, whey protein is the most popular, and rightfully so. Whey protein offers you a great amount of protein content that is readily available and easily digestible. Whey protein is cost-efficient and comes with the best flavors. While pea protein and mixed proteins have similar nutritional compositions but lack taste. The last thing you want is a scoop of protein that tastes like ‘atta’.

However, if you are a vegetarian a mixed protein supplement along with pea protein is your best bet. This is because vegetable proteins are incomplete protein sources, mostly. A mixed protein supplement ensures you get all 9 essential amino acids to fuel your system. You can add it to a shake, your pancake mix, or even your chapati dough.

Use caffeine and fiber to your advantage

Certain protein powders are known to contain amounts of caffeine. This not only acts as a stimulant but appetite suppressant. In moderation, caffeine can help you curb hunger and perform better in the gym. Protein powders that are more along the lines of overall health tend to have a higher fiber content. Despite a smaller serving size, they contain high levels of potassium, manganese, and iron that are essential for your body. Further, fiber keeps you feeling fuller for longer making a protein scoop ideal along with your breakfast bowl.

Here are 5 best protein supplement for women in India to choose from

1. Optimum Nutrition

ON- best protein supplement for women in India
  • Protein: 24g of whey protein per serving. Whey protein isolate is the main ingredient in the supplement, giving you the best quality protein. It also contains 5g of naturally occurring BCAAs and 4g of glutamine to boost your workouts and recovery.
  • Carbohydrates: 3g of carbohydrates accompany each serving.
  • Fats: The product hosts 1g of fat per serving.
  • Servings and size: Each 5lbs container provides you 74 servings. Each serving weighs 30 grams.
  • Flavors: There are 10 flavors to choose from namely, rocky road, coffee, chocolate malt, cookies and cream, vanilla ice cream, mocha cappuccino, double rich chocolate, delicious strawberry, extreme milk chocolate, and french vanilla creme.
  • Calories: Each serving contains only 119 calories.

2. Ultimate Nutrition

best protein supplement for women in India-UN
  • Protein: Each serving of ultimate nutrition’s ProStar whey protein comes with 25g of premium quality protein. A single serving offers up to 6g of BCAAs that aid in recovery.
  • Carbohydrates: A mere 2g of carbs accompany each scoop which keeps you on top of your macros throughout the day.
  • Fats: You get just 1g of fat per serving making it an ideal product for those who are calorie-conscious.
  • Servings and size: A serving comprises 30g and each 5lb container provides 80 servings.
  • Flavors: The flavors you can choose from include cookies and cream, cocoa mocha, chocolate mint, rum raisin, strawberry, chocolate creme, vanilla creme, and delicious raspberry. This gives you over 9 flavors to choose from.
  • Calories: Each serving gives you 120 calories. This makes for a great low-calorie snack or a tasty addition to your shake.

3. As-It-Is

As-It-Is-best protein supplement for women in India
  • Protein: 24g of natural whey protein are derived from each serving. The manufacturing process is as non-interfering with the compounds as can be to live up to the company name.
  • Carbohydrates: 2.5g of carbohydrates come within each scoop.
  • Fats: There are only 1.5g of fat in each serving.
  • Servings and size: A serving comprises 30g and each 2.2lb container provides 33 servings.
  • Flavors: As-It-Is protein is left unflavoured to preserve the authenticity of the product. A great addition to your meals, smoothies, shakes, or rotis.
  • Calories: Each scoop contains 119 calories.

4. MuscleBlaze

Indian protein MuscleBlaze-best protein supplement for women in India
  • Protein: Get 25g of India’s leading whey protein company in each scoop.
  • Carbohydrates: 3 carbohydrates in each scoop make this ideal before a workout. The carb and 5.2g of BCAA with 4.2g glutamine fuel your workout and increase performance.
  • Fats: Each serving has 1.1grams of fat making it rank slightly higher than other protein companies in this regard.
  • Servings and size: The serving size is 33g. The 2kg container offers you 60 servings.
  • Flavors: There are 4 flavors available namely rich milk chocolate, cafe mocha, strawberry, and vanilla.
  • Calories: There are only 122 calories per serving enabling you to take multiple scoops a day based on your fitness goals.

5. My Fit Fuel

MFF- best protein supplement for women in India
  • Protein: You get an astounding 28g of protein per scoop along with 5g BCAA and 4.7g glutamine. Further, the protein is a pea protein suitable for vegans and those with lactose intolerance.
  • Carbohydrates: There are no carbs in this protein enabling you to take in on a ketogenic diet.
  • Fats: There are 9 grams of fat and no trans fats in the supplement.
  • Servings and size: Each serving is roughly 35g and you get 28 servings per pouch.
  • Flavors: You can grab the bag in a chocolate delight swirl or unflavoured variant. The nutritional breakdown provided is for the unflavoured bag.
  • Calories: One serving gives you 133 calories.

The above list contains whey protein apart from the last one which is a pea protein product. If you are looking for dairy-free proteins then read the top 7 plant-based protein supplements in India.

Lift Heavy, Eat Right

Whether your goal is building a toned physique or losing a few inches off your thighs, consistency is key. A supplement won’t work like a magic pill, (which doesn’t exist in case you were hopeful) instead ensure your diet contains whole foods. Eliminate processed articles such as canned goods, ketchup, and anything with preservatives. Aim for lean sources of protein such as fish and chicken breast to meet your daily goals. Add 2-3 servings of vegetables to keep you full throughout the day. A supplement, combined with a healthy diet and workout plan can work wonders for your body.

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