Cheapest Sources of Protein in the UK 2019

Hunting for the cheapest sources of protein in the UK? It can be difficult to meet your macros if you’re on a shoestring budget. Whether you shop at ASDA, Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons, Sainsbury, or your local market these food sources are what you want to look out for. Search for exciting deals and buy larger quantities to avail even greater discounts.

Along with a strong training plan making the right food choices can help you stay in shape all year round. So, here are the top 10 cheapest sources of protein in the UK. Note: There is a slight difference in price based on the store/market you make your purchase from as well as the region you reside in.

1. My Protein Supplement- 84g of protein per £1

Whey protein-cheapest sources of protein in the UK

My Protein’s Impact Whey Protein can be bought from £ 15.70 onwards. The product is available in 55 flavors (subject to availability) as well as comes in an unflavored variant. Each serving offers you 21g of protein and weighs 25g that helps fuel your muscles and aids in recovery. It is low in fats with just 1.6g per serving or 6.5g per 100g. Each serving gives you 3.3g of carbs that makes 13g per 100g and you get 40 servings in a 1kg container. At 25p per serving you get 4 scoops. Thus, you get 84g of protein per £1.

2. Chicken Breast Fillets- 60g protein/£1

chicken breast- cheap protein source

A 100g of ASDA’s chicken breast fillets offers you 138 calories. Opting for the chicken breast ensures you consume the leaner portion of the meat. Per 100g there is just 1.7g of fat. Further, you get 31g of protein making it an ideal choice. At £5.19 per kg it costs 0.519p for a 100g. This means you get just under 200g of chicken breast fillets for £1, giving you just under 60g of protein. Although, you can even buy them on deals for as low as £3.5.

3. Smart Eggs- 57g protein/ £ 1

whole eggs -cheapest sources of protein in the UK

Eggs are a great way to meet your daily protein requirement. Not only are they an inexpensive source of protein, at just 70p for 6 eggs, but they keep you feeling fuller for longer. You get 13g of protein per 100g of eggs. A tray of 6 weighs roughly 328g so for £ 1 you get about 57g of protein.

4. Lean Beef Mince 5%- 51g protein/ £1

cheapest sources of protein in the UK- 5% fat beef mince

Lean beef mince is ideal for anyone looking to cut down on their calories and get the greatest amount of protein. A 100g of pan-fried beef mince under 5% fat gives you 147 calories and 27g of protein. You still get around 4.3g of fat. If you are looking to consume a higher number of calories then you can go in for the 20% fat option. 1kg of lean beef mince costs you £5.59. You get 100g for 0.55p this means for £1 you get just under 200g. This gives you around 51g of protein per £1.

5. Tuna Chunks in Brine- 48g protein/£1.

tuna in brine cheap protein

The price of fish varies in markets and you could end up paying more or less. To standardize price and not worry greatly about storage tuna chunks in brine have been chosen. Brine is a great alternative to oil which isn’t recommended for those seeking to lower their intake. A 100g of canned tuna in brine offers you 109 calories and 25g of protein. It costs you about £0.59p per 100g. This means you get around 48g of protein for £1. You can also choose to eat other fish or other shellfish.

6. Lean Turkey Mince- 41.8g protein/ £1

cheapest sources of protein in the UK- lean turkey mince

Lean turkey mince typically has just below 7% fat and is a great way to hit your daily macros. Turkey mince gives you just 140 calories per 100g along with 19g of protein. This is accompanied by 6.8g of fat. Turkey meat is a great addition to a bowl of flavored rice, in a whole grain sandwich or eaten alongside a crunchy salad. At just £4.50 turkey meat is affordable even by those on a shoestring budget. At 45p per 100 grams, you get about 220g mince for a pound. This gives you 41.8g of protein for a single £1.

7. Fat-Free Greek Yogurt- 38.5g protein/ £1

greek yogurt-cheapest sources of protein in the UK

A 100g of fat-free greek yogurt contains just 55 calories. It does contain about 5g of carbs which come from sugars. However, you get 7g of protein with it. Greek yogurt can be enjoyed by itself or you can toss some fresh fruits on top. Some even like making protein puddings and other tasty treats using greek yogurt as the base. A 500g box costs you £0.90, making it 18.0p per 100 grams. This means you get 38.5g protein per £1.

8. Edamame Soya Beans- 31.2g protein/ £1.

cheapest sources of protein in the UK- greens, beans, soya

Edamame soybeans are perhaps one of the most filling and nutritious foods on the market. They give you 12g of protein,133 calories, and 6.4g of fat per 100g. Further, they offer 5.4g of fibre that goes a long way in keeping you full. It prevents any unnecessary snacking which is the culprit of consuming excessive calories. A kg of edamame soya beans costs around £3.75. A 100g of edamame soya beans costs 0.37p so you get nearly 260g per pound. This gives you 31.2g of protein per £1.

9. Quorn Mince- 21.75g of protein/ £1

cheapest sources of protein in the UK- non meat mince

Quorn mince is a meat-free mince that is naturally low in fat and high in protein. The product, however, does contain eggs so may not be suitable for all vegetarians. Per 100g Quorn mince offers you 104 calories, 2g of fat, 4.5g carbohydrates, and 14.5g of protein. Further, it contains 5.5g of fibre which keeps your hunger levels under control. You can buy 1kg for roughly £6.67. This gives you 100g for 0.66p that means you get 150g for a pound that gives you 21.75g of protein per £1.

10. Cheese Strings- Cheddar- 13.8g protein/£1

cheapest sources of protein in the UK-cheese

Frequently on offer, you can buy 8 cheese strings for the price of £1.50. Otherwise £2.75. Its price makes it a great budget food, especially for those on a student budget. A packet of cheese strings weighs 160g and gives you 22.5g of fat, 304 calories, 23g protein, and 2.5g carb per 100g. When you break it down per string (20g) that gives you 4.5g fat, 61 calories, 4.6g protein, and 0.5g carb. You get nearly 3 sticks of cheese for a pound that gives you just over 13.8g of protein per £1. Cheese is a great way to consume your fats and is also high in protein, making it ideal for those on a ketogenic diet. Further, cheese can be added to a number of dishes and make otherwise bland food rather interesting and helps you hit your macros if you are a poor eater.

Eat your fill with the cheapest sources of protein in the UK

These are some of the cheapest sources of protein in the UK. Remember you can also opt for variants to suit your tastebuds, different kinds of cuts when it comes to beef and pork (but take a look at the nutritional content). You can also enjoy a fillet of haddock if fish and chips is your favorite. Just remember to opt for sweet potato fries if possible.

Including the cheapest sources of protein in the UK to your diet will not only enhance your recovery if you live and active lifestyle but will help you reduce the amount of food you consume in a day. Protein by nature is very filling and helps you avoid any unnecessary snacking. It’s time to rethink your monthly subscription to ‘graze’ and opt for healthier choices.

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