Average height of adult men across countries

The average height of adult men is not constant across the globe. There are genetic differences that exist among the human race that give everyone unique features. From nose sizes to earlobe length and hair texture to body hair composition and everything in between. Just take a look at the average Polish male and Average Chinese man or an Indian man and one with African roots. In fact, when it comes to height ‘Our World in Data’ said recent data showed 697 genetic variants that influence the height of an individual.

Apart from genetic structures which are partly hereditary, the height of an individual is impacted by differences in living standards. Environmental settings, health, and nutrition play a key role in determining the same.

On the tangent of height, countries have adult males with similar heights as part of the bulk of the population, that gives the country its average. This changes at different ages of the individual. To shed a little light on averages across the globe here is the average height of adult men in 9 countries. Note: The information giving numerics is sourced from charts taken from WHO (World Health Organization) derived from disabled-world.

The average height for 2-year-old male toddlers

As a general overview when it comes to babies across the globe by the time a male child reaches the age of 2 the average height is 34.2″ or 86.8 cm. That is near twice the height than when they are born, which is roughly 19.6″ or 49.8 cm. However, when getting into the specifics the average 2-year old height in the given countries is as follows.

  • USA-86 cm
  • UK- 85 cm
  • Canada- 87 cm
  • Australia- 87 cm
  • Singapore- 78 cm
  • Japan- 85 cm
  • UAE- 82 cm
  • China-80 cm
  • India- 85 cm

The average height for adolescent males

On a global scale, the average height of teenage boys is about 61.5″ or 156.2 cm at the age of 13 and shoots up to about 69.7″ or 177 cm by the age of 20. The ages marked 12 to16 are when boys grow a significant amount. In a matter of months, a relatively short male can outgrow his peers and family members. Sleep levels directly impact growth, adolescents that seek to grow should avoid anything that affects the quality of their sleep. It is at this time the growth hormone is most active and helps them grow. Caffeine, stimulants, steroids, and stress can directly impact the height of the male.

  • USA 148 cm and 166 cm
  • UK- 145 cm and 163 cm
  • Canada-154 cm and 170 cm
  • Australia- 147 cm and 173 cm
  • Singapore- 145 cm and 168cm
  • Japan- 138 cm and 165 cm
  • UAE – 140 cm and 160 cm
  • China- 140 cm and 165 cm
  • India- 148 cm to 170 cm

The average height for 21-year-old men

Men grow till the age of 18-20 generally, however, based on genetics some adults grow till the age of 25. Although this is less common, chances are after the teen years are complete an adult male will not grow taller. Here is the average height of adult men in the following countries:

  • USA- 178 cm
  • UK- 176 cm
  • Canada- 174cm
  • Australia: 178cm
  • Singapore- 168cm
  • Japan- 165 cm
  • UAE 174 cm
  • China- 169 cm
  • India-165 cm

The above data shows that differences amongst toddlers are minute and minuscule. A majority of the change in men occurs after the age of 12. As the height at the age of 12 does not vary significantly. Further, amongst adults, it is clear that there is not a tremendous amount of change after the age of 19. Changes at this point are usually attributed to individual genetics.

History of the height of men

Over the past two millennia, based on skeletal remains, human height has not changed all that much according to Our World in Data. The average kept bouncing back and forth but settled at 170cms or 5.57 feet globally. Over the past 100 years, the average height in every country of the world has increased. However, Central Asia and Europe experience the least amount of change if not stagnation. The growth that occurs is minimal at less than 1% a year. This is seen when you compare the average height of men in 1914, which was 162cm, to that of men in 2014, which is 171cm.

Impact of Nutrition

As mentioned earlier, proper nutrition is detrimental in helping an individual reaching their maximum height. While genetics may limit some, others may not achieve their optimum height due to lack of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Choosing the right protein supplement can help your child/you reach their genetic limit. If you are unsure as to which supplement to buy. read Have you chosen the right protein supplement? Understand what you are looking for and you can get the right supplement without wasting any hard-earned money.

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